4x RGB LED clips for glass shelves (16 colors remote control LED lights)

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Technical parameters:

    number of clips in the set - 4
    number of LEDs in each clip - 3
    LEDs used - SMD 5050 RGB
    clip length - 7cm
    clip housing - transparent
    cable length from the clip to the connector 2m
    voltage - 12V


    lighting for glass shelves with a thickness from 3 to 15mm

Remote functions:

    ON / OFF buttons
    Buttons for controlling the degree of backlight
    16 buttons that enable permanent colors: red, green, blue and four shades of these colors, and white
    FLASH button to start alternating color display
    The SMOOTH button starts the RGB color display in a fast pace
    The STROBE button activates the pulsating strobe function for white color
    FADE button that starts a slow sequence of smooth color transitions


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